When the Kids Are Asleep

It’s play time.

I was on my computer watching youtube videos, one of them was watching Super Luigi Bros in reverse where the levels are backwards and it was from one of the NES Remix games. My diaper was real uncomfortable and I checked my diaper and saw it was wet in the back and I decided to have my daddy go change it so I grabbed the rash cream and the wipes and took them to the basement. I asked him how he was feeling and he said “good.” I said “Good, this little girl needs her diaper changed” and I put the stuff on his bed and lay on it. He gets off the computer and takes off my Hello Kitty pants and takes off my diaper and rolls it up and throws it away in the trash pile he has right by his door. Then he cleans me up with a wipe and fucks me. Then he has me on my front and he fucks me again and then after we are done, I am back on my back again and he unfolds the Bambino and puts it on me. Then he puts my pants back on me and then I sit on top of him and he rocks me on his belly and he plays with me how he plays with our kids and then he puts his shirt on me like he does with his kids and has me on his lap and then he tells me to order him those diapers before I forget. I take the wipes and bring them back upstairs and put them in my closet and wrote this entry while listening to Johnny Angel over and over. I am supposed to order him some Bellismos samples. I hope they still have some in stock in his size.


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