Cleaning in diapers

I do wear 24/7 so I am always doing stuff in diapers; driving, going to work, taking care of my kids, cleaning, playing video games, computer, writing, watching Dr. Phil, sleeping, resting, going out.

Today felt like another boring day. Nothing on my mind to do and it was a nice day out. I couldn’t get my son to eat anything all morning and he would turn down every offer I tried giving him whenever he would say he is hungry. I have turned him into a video game monster because my husband and I got him into video games so he has been playing my 3DS I gave him to use and I created his very own Nintendo Network ID for him and I let him pick a name and downloaded some demos for him and Pokemon Rumble World and Pokemon Shuffle and got him that Metroid game for $4.99. I also put youtube on there and Netflix so he wouldn’t have to watch them on my system anymore. But I put in a lot of parental locks and he has been playing my DS games and I keep them all in a little tiny chest and he just dumps them out and goes through them and picks out a game to play.

Then when I decided it was time to feed my daughter because I saw the time and realized it was 10:30 and she hadn’t eaten so I took her downstairs and put her in her highchair and strapped her in and fed her 3 tiny eclairs (not healthy I know) and I also gave her peaches and then left her there while I cleaned the fridge. It was disgusting so I thought I better clean it and problem solved so I wouldn’t have to keep looking at that filth. I started with the door. I took everything off the shelf and took it off and cleaned it in the sink and cleaned the door too where the shelf snapped in place and I did the same with two other shelves. Then when I was done scrubbing them, I dried the shelves off and the door and put them back on and put the stuff back on it. My son watched me clean and I then cleaned the inside of the fridge. I took the stuff off the top shelf and cleaned it and put the stuff back and then did the other shelf and the I took out the cheese in the drawer and cleaned the drawer and dried it and put it back and put the stuff back in it and did the same with the bottom shelf. Then I moved onto the vegetable and fruit drawers and cleaned the bottom fridge finally. It didn’t take me long at all. I also tossed out some stuff that was old and had been sitting there for a while and we had this food in the container and I opened it and it was so disgusting I told my dad to take it outside for me because he was already in the garage putting stuff in the attic. Then I started to smell dirt and realized that was the mold I was smelling from the food I asked him to toss out for me. It was so gross it didn’t even look like food and it had a bunch of green stuff and holes. Then after I was done with the fridge, I swept and then got my daughter out of her chair and gave her a bath because she got herself all dirty including her hair. Then I got her dressed and nursed her and put her in her crib for her nap.Then I got my son dressed because he wanted to go outside and play and I put shoes on him.

I felt nervous every time my son said he smelled something and I would ask what and he would keep saying he was joking. I was hoping I wasn’t smelling like pee and when my daughter pooped and I got her changed, my room still smelled like shit and my son said it still stunk and I was hoping he wouldn’t blame it on me and say I need changed. But he didn’t notice.

I do enjoy the nice thick feeling between my legs from my diaper and the wetness and the tightness around my bottom and I did pee several times while cleaning the fridge. I have the same diaper on from last night. I am just wearing my Hello Kitty pajamas pants and my night shirt with a kitty cat on it and mouse with words and plain white socks.

We also need a yard sale bad this year because we have stuff we don’t even use we should get rid of. I have stuff I need to get rid of like baby clothes my daughter outgrew, baby cloth diapers, infant bath tub, two diaper champs, (I throw my daughter’s diapers in the bucket with mine I keep in the bathroom) some baby items my daughter outgrew and I don’t plan on having any more kids.

I told my dad to not put the big box in the attic and he said if that is the package I am sending back and I said no I just have no room for it so I have it out there but I saw he moved it and I hope I can see where it is because it would be very embarrassing to ask him where he put it when I need them and then having to tell him I had my diapers in there. Me wearing them have may have gotten normal but I am still not comfortable talking about it to anyone but my husband and having to spell them out and I still don’t like being seen in them or seen with one in my hand or even be seen changed. But sometimes these things will happen such as my parents walking in my room or the time I had left my daughter’s cloth diaper in the toilet and letting it soak because she had pooped it and my mom was going to pee on it so I had to rush from my chair and into the bathroom and I only had a diaper on because I was hot and I don’t want to be touching her pee when I get the diaper out. There was another time I had changed out of my messy diaper and I was going to dump it out into the toilet but my mom was on it and the toilet is right behind the door so it was like I had waved the thing in her face and then I noticed her and I jumped and rushed back in my room and waited until she was gone before I dumped it and stuck it in the bucket. Next time I will look between the cracks to be sure no one is on it if the bathroom light is left on. That was pretty embarrassing.

Now I am going to get off and try and find something to do and perhaps get some streetpasses since it National Streetpassing again until the 26th. I don’t feel like driving around the city again hitting 11 McDonalds, we have more but it takes me like seven hours to go to that many because of traffic and how long it takes to play the games. I do stop at Home Depot on the way home from my autism group because it’s on the way home and I never get that many streetpasses there (only about two) but I do when its National Streetpassing. if i lived in Montana, I would be able to hit all of them because they would only have two in the area but they would be about 13 miles apart and Missoula has about 5 of them unless they have built more since I have moved. If I still live there, I could hit all of them there. Just drive all the way there and hit all the McDonalds there and Home Depot and their Best Buy and I wonder if their Barnes & Noble has a Nintendo Zone too.


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