Diaper Time magazine

I earned a little over $12 in ebay bucks and have about $7 left over. I bought the first issue of Diaper Time magazine by Daily Diapers. It was only $5. I got it last week and it came in the mail and the magazine is very thin. Only 14 pages and I thought it was a rip off because I paid $5 for it. Good thing I didn’t purchase their other magazine because I now have something to think about before buying another issue again. It if had been cheaper, then i wouldn’t find it a rip off. But what do I expect, this is AB/DL. I think lot of the AB/DL stories on ebooks are rip offs because they are too short, over priced, and they are all the same and they are hard core sexual because it’s all about domination and humiliation, being owned and  a play toy, being kidnapped and forced, and it looks more like abuse to me but I know these are just fantasies and some people are into these things. I am not into it. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. All I want is a daddy and want love and nurture and be protected and kept safe and taken care of, something a real father would do to his child.

I am still trying to decide what i shall spend my $7 ebay bucks on. A video game or on a ABaby item, a vintage toy, a diaper sample, $10 eshop card, a pack of e reader cards, I can’t make up my mind. Last time I wasted it on a cloth diaper because my husband decided I was through wearing them.

i just hope my son never finds the magazine. I am starting to delete diaper stories from my Nook and only keeping them in archive. I don’t own many copies because like I say, I find them a rip off so I prefer to read them in the store and sometimes I quit reading a book because it’s boring or it’s the same thing or it’s not my type of story.


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