Diaper Time magazine

I earned a little over $12 in ebay bucks and have about $7 left over. I bought the first issue of Diaper Time magazine by Daily Diapers. It was only $5. I got it last week and it came in the mail and the magazine is very thin. Only 14 pages and I thought it was a rip off because I paid $5 for it. Good thing I didn’t purchase their other magazine because I now have something to think about before buying another issue again. It if had been cheaper, then i wouldn’t find it a rip off. But what do I expect, this is AB/DL. I think lot of the AB/DL stories on ebooks are rip offs because they are too short, over priced, and they are all the same and they are hard core sexual because it’s all about domination and humiliation, being owned and  a play toy, being kidnapped and forced, and it looks more like abuse to me but I know these are just fantasies and some people are into these things. I am not into it. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. All I want is a daddy and want love and nurture and be protected and kept safe and taken care of, something a real father would do to his child.

I am still trying to decide what i shall spend my $7 ebay bucks on. A video game or on a ABaby item, a vintage toy, a diaper sample, $10 eshop card, a pack of e reader cards, I can’t make up my mind. Last time I wasted it on a cloth diaper because my husband decided I was through wearing them.

i just hope my son never finds the magazine. I am starting to delete diaper stories from my Nook and only keeping them in archive. I don’t own many copies because like I say, I find them a rip off so I prefer to read them in the store and sometimes I quit reading a book because it’s boring or it’s the same thing or it’s not my type of story.

Upgrading our trash can

About three weeks ago my husband called the trash/recycling company to upgrade our trash cans. We had two 35 gallon ones and we needed a bigger one than those little ones. So trash day came again and they picked up the little ones and only took one of them but left us the big one. I think my husband got too big of a one because we still had more room for a few more trash bags when I took it out to the curb last night. I make about three or four bags of dirty diapers by trash day and it comes every two weeks while recycling comes every week. My mom was happy for me because we got a bigger trash can and the fact I quit using cloth. I told her I got tired of the smell and washing them which was true but I never give up. I feel like I have given up but it’s not like I chose to, my husband made me. but they are a lot more convenient and less smelly and more discreet and I have more clothing options. Most of my pants didn’t fit over them, only a certain pairs did so I had to wear a disposable if I wanted to wear my other pants and whenever I left my home. If it was just a quick errand, I would put something on that would fit over my cloth diaper and head out. But I am seeing I don’t use that many disposables a day, 2-3 a day I use and I buy two cases. I bought two cases in early February and I am still using that last case and I have already used two Bambinos because my husband put them on me and I keep one of the packs in his room tucked under the coffee table right by the wall next to the dresser and no one can see them. You would have to squat down to get them. So about every other month I might need to buy two cases again or only need to buy one case a month and it’s a little over $100. I just have to be frugal when I buy good brands.

Play with your Miis first before updating the plaza

I had to learn the hard way at the bookstore that updating your Mii Plaza before you play with your Miis won’t let you play with them afterwards because it all resets. So ten Miis I had lost. They were still in my plaza of course but it wouldn’t let me play with them anymore. Better luck the next day. They are doing 10 days of National Streetpassing.

Caught Changing Again

I had just given my son his snack after picking him up from school and turning the TV on to Nick Jr for him keeping him distracted and then I told him I had something to take care of so I will be right back and I went upstairs and closed my bedroom door. While I was putting on a clean diaper, the door opened and it was my mother. She asks me about the weather outside and then sees what I was doing and goes “Oh sorry I should have knocked, I will next time” and keeps on asking me about the weather. I sort of shut down because it’s very awkward standing there in my diaper in front of her with nothing covering them. She asks me if it’s cold outside, or warm and how warm and I was so anxious for her to leave I was giving her short answers and I could barely speak it felt like. Then she left and I finished putting it on and pulled my pants back up and threw the diaper away and then went in her room knocking first of course and told her my real answer about the weather. Then I went on with my day. My four year old son knocked on my door before entering and I told him “come in” and I was looking on my computer. At least he can knock and I have been teaching him privacy. I am sure he learned to knock at school too. My family just has some bad baits such as going in bedrooms without knocking I don;t know how many times I was caught masturbating as a child because my mom would just come in my room and I would stop right away but she always knew. She told me I used to catch her and dad having sex all the time because I would always barge into their room because I wouldn’t knock so that is why they finally had a lock on their door in their new house. Or course I never knew they were having it because I was too innocent. I was 15 when I finally knew and that sure taught me to remember to knock. But she lied to me then saying they weren’t having it but then confessed two years ago they were because she thought then I would start trying to catch them and get real sneaky just to catch them. No I was actually freaked out when I caught them so why would I want to see that again?

At least it wasn’t my son that caught me again. That’s my reason for privacy. I think he is at an age now where he is too old to see me in one. My husband thinks he is too old to see me naked and I read online a kid is too old to see you naked when they start to get curious about your body. My son had started to ask me about my diapers so I decided he is too old.