“Are you pregnant?”

I felt tired again on the way home and I had a headache and sore eyes. I come home and head to the basement for a diaper change but my husband was trying to put our daughter to sleep but she wouldn’t sleep so he handed her to me. I asked him how he was feeling and he said “sick.” I figured since he felt that way, he probably wasn’t well enough to change me so I headed upstairs and my son was in my bed again. I put my daughter down to get changed but she started crying and I didn’t want her waking my son up so I put her in her crib and take off my clothes and grab a clean diaper and pajamas and change it in the bathroom. My husband came up and asked what was going on and I told him I was changing and he took care of her and I got her when I was done. I went straight to bed again and this time I couldn’t get to sleep. Then my parents come home and my mom checks on me and wondered what was wrong because this was the second night I was in bed and I am always up on the computer or watching Dr. Phil. But no I just told her I had a headache and I am tired and she asked me if I was pregnant and I said I have a IUD so I can’t. She was laughing and I asked her why did she ask and she said because I am always tired now but I am just getting sick because I have a headache. Then she came over and rubbed my face and I told her I loved her and she saw my sleeping kids in bed and my daughter on my boob. Then she told me they had dinner in the fridge for me which my dad gave to my husband so he ate it. I didn’t know there was a time limit for my meal. My mom said she didn’t know either. But luckily I wasn’t upset and I just had my son’s pasta instead he didn’t eat and he won’t eat it anyway because he doesn’t like leftovers. Now here I am up because I can’t sleep but at least my eyes aren’t so tired anymore. I also remembered I am having my period because I saw blood in my diaper when I took it off and it was red than brown. The rest looked brown where it was wet. So no I am definitely not pregnant.


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