Constipation sucks but luckily I am still able to poop but I have to do it in the toilet. For the past three days I have been like this. Two nights ago I felt the strong urge to go and I felt it coming and was in the process of it coming out and then my son barged in so I had to stop. He had woken up and came in my room and he wanted me to lie down with him so I did and I had a little bit of poo in my butt and by the time he was fast sleep, I didn’t feel the urge anymore. Then the next morning I changed and it was stuck in my butt so I had to use a wipe to wipe it off and then I changed into a clean one. That night I felt the urge again and was unable to go so I had to go in the toilet and it was just in little pieces. Then today I had to go again so I went in the toilet again and only little came out so I had to dig out the rest. Then I washed my finger and put the diaper back on and went downstairs again and made myself and my kids some lunch. Then after work I felt the urge to go again and while my husband tried putting our daughter to sleep before we do our time together, I used the toilet again pushing it out and it came out in bigger pieces again and I felt better. I didn’t have to dig it out. My husband was going to change my diaper and put on one of my new ones I just got in the mail but we were not ale to out our daughter to sleep and she wouldn’t take a bottle so we couldn’t do a diaper change tonight and he handed her back to me and had me change her on my lap and I started to nurse her again. Oh well. My diaper was only wet in the middle because I didn’t pee it much so no diaper wasted. I seem to pee less when constipated anyway. I hope I don’t get diarrhea and sharp stomach cramps again like I have in the past. I sometimes think I have IBS and the symptoms can come and go i have read but I never went to a doctor about it because it’s not interfering with my life and it doesn’t happen often enough and on occasion it will interrupt me at work and if that was more often, then that will be a problem and it would be time to see a doctor. I have had occasions when I would be at a play group for parents with their kids and all of a sudden the sharp stomach cramps began. It used to be weekly and then monthly and then every few months so I didn’t bother going to the doctor thinking maybe it’s just my poor diet and I am older so my body handles constipation differently now. But I never went because I think the doctor will just tell me it’s normal and that I am not eating right even though I don’t eat a lot of food. I have read that diets help with IBS and for some, their symptoms are gone when they stay with a proper diet. But I never liked diets, too much work and a hassle and I hate limitations so I don’t bother and I have a hard time with food choices, too overwhelming and I am not going to expect my husband to take care of me or my parents. If they do make me anything, it’s because they are being nice and they saved me some when they made dinner. My husband does it as a daddy while my parents do it as parents when they happen to cook supper and there was enough for me so they make me a plate or keep it in food containers.


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