Bambino sending the wrong order

I took advantage of the Easter sale and bought two cases of Bambino Classicos. The order came yesterday and they had sent me two cases of large Bellisimo. It wouldn’t be a problem if they were sized mediums but I hear it might take them a wee before they get back to me and this is unacceptable. What if the person is poor and they can’t afford to buy another case or what if they were incontinent, they can’t wait. Good thing I am not IC and good thing I paid using paypal credit. I don’t have to pay for six months and I can just order Molicare Super Plus on ebay and if Bambino runs out of Classicos by the time they get back to me, they can issue me a refund, if not, I will just try and get it back from Paypal so I won’t have to pay that bill. I have the cases sitting in the entry way waiting to hear back from Bambino. I don’t even know if they will let me keep them or want me to send them back. if they do let me keep them, I can use them on my husband and if they don’t fit him well, I can give them away. I won’t sell them if I get my money back or get my order corrected. All this is making me anxious. Stupid anxiety and stupid OCD. I try and get over it by thinking of a solution but then I keep thinking hat if it doesn’t work and what if something else happens. I would say Bambino isn’t good for my mental health when they screw up my order and then they only check their messages once a week or take 2-3 days to get back to you by email or more. No other company has been like this. There have always been someone on the phone when we would call and it would mean being on hold until they get to us but not with Bambino so they must be a smaller company. To me this is still unacceptable. I know companies make mistakes and send out the wrong item sometimes but then they usually have someone get right back to you when you contact them, not having to wait a week or days and then you are anxious about what is going to happen and it’s on you for days and days and then you are irritable and stressed out easier because of all this on your mind and you can’t stop that thought. Other people handle it better than me so to them it’s no big deal if they get the wrong order from Bambino. At least I didn’t order from AB Universe and after hearing bad comments about them and how they were not getting their orders, I felt relieved I didn’t buy from them again. That would have been money lost and a hassle to try and get it back from calling your card company or your bank. I hear the new owner is trying to get peoples back orders sent out and trying to clean up the mess Kyle made. The new owner is Casey. I still won’t buy until I start hearing good reviews again and I know for sure the company is different and people are getting their orders and having a good experience with customer service.

I think I will just order from ebay again now and pay later again and try and worry about the other order later. I might make the best of it and just use them on my husband instead and not try and issue a refund from paypal if I don’t ever hear back from them. That would mean I got more expensive diapers at a cheaper price and I tried to make it right but couldn’t so it’s not like I wasted money or was dishonest. They made a mistake, not me. i don’t have to pay for another six months and after that they will start charging interest if i don’t pay before then so I have six months to pay it. This is why you pay with paypal folks. Even if they did send me the right size but still sent me Bellismo, I think I would still contact them about their wrong order they sent me and if they never responded, that would mean I wasn’t dishonest because I tried to make it right but what if they had sent me the wrong diapers that were cheaper price but I had bought more of the expensive kind? I guess it would still make me dishonest because I didn’t issue for a refund then but yet would issue for one if I had bought more expensive diapers and they had sent me the cheaper brand instead so basically I spent more money on cheaper diapers. So  guess it would still make me a dishonest buyer if i didn’t issue a refund if they had sent me mediums instead.

Update: They got back with me on Friday and they sent out the right order right away and today the OnTrac guy delivered them and picked up the other cases Bambino wanted back. I opened the boxes and checked to be sure they were the correct ones and they were.