Crummy Nintendo gifts again

Club Nintendo has finally announced their Elite status and I have lot of those games already. Can’t they come up with anything I actually want?

My only two choices are Freakyforms or Ultimate NES Remix. I am not even sure if I will like Freaky Forms but I have played the other one and liked it but I returned it so I could rent another game from gamefly. And why Nintendo offer Elite rewards you already offered from Club Nitnendo for rewards?

I am not fond of downloading retail games on my WiiU because it doesn’t tell me how much GB space it takes and I only have 15 GB left. Even if it does tell me in the eshop how much memory it needs, it still doesn’t tell me how much GB space I will have left after the download. And then I would have to get an external hard drive which is what I don’t want to do. But someday we might have to get one down the road because updates use up memory.


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