Shitty Day

I have something going on. I have lot of gas, bloating, belching, loss of appetite, cramping, diarrhea, little bit of nausea and I am dehydrated because I am not peeing. I am just wearing a cheap cloth like diaper so I can easily take it on and off.

Last night at work I was running to the toilet every five minutes and there was no way I would be able to get my work done this way so I used my diaper whenever I farted and I pooped too. I work evenings where everyone has gone home so it was me alone and I had to skip break because of it because I smelled like shit. Then two hours later I had to change because my skin was starting to burn and I got rashes from it. Then my trash smelled like shit where I threw the diaper in. Then after I got done with my work, I went home because I wasn’t feeling good. I also felt tired. Then all night I had terrible gas and I pooped all night and I even woke up from my tummy being active with gas and I shit and then went back to sleep after it settled down. Now it’s active again. My mom thinks I have some poisoning and told me to drink water and eat light an stay away from fresh fruit. I hope I will feel better by Monday. I do not want another shitty work day.

I did get all the shit out of me this morning because all I had was air and now that I have eaten and drank something, I am pooping again. Even my asshole is sore from all the pooping.


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