Sharing my information with my mother

This morning, I did a little bit of cleaning. I brought down my diaper bucket and took out a clean trash bag and opened it and put it over the bucket and dumped all the used diapers in there. Then I stuck the bag in the garage.

Later Mom and I left to shop at Costco and we left my son at home and brought my daughter with. We were waiting in line for gas and then my mom decided to tell me a story. She told me she was in the garage with my father and it stunk like poo and she said “What is that smell?” and my dad said he was taking a big dump. The bathroom is right next to the garage. So he flushed it and it still stunk so he flushed it again and the smell was still there. That odor stayed and wouldn’t go away and then my mom noticed a trash bag and it was filled with dirty diapers and one of them was open and in it was poo and it was all fresh. It was not a baby diaper and it was in an adult diaper and I am the only one in the house that wears them so that left them a clue who that diaper belonged to. Somehow the bag was open and one of them was sticking out showing what I had done in the diaper. I had done it yesterday and changed out of it and I took the bag out today so it had to be today it happened. I was laughing at the story because my diaper caused such a havoc and my mom told me she doesn’t need to me to share my information with her about my choice and she doesn’t need to know and I said “I am not sharing it with you.” Then she said, “Leaving your bag in the garage and having one of them open and us seeing it is sharing it with me.” Then she told me to not do that again. Now that it’s getting warm now, it’s going to smell now because poop doesn’t smell when it’s cold but now I need to keep the bag outside than throw it in the garage.

At least she wasn’t mad about it and she was laughing and said “geez” and said it was silly me but she also said it was gross.

We got home and I saw the bag was gone. I looked in the trash can and the bag was there. I didn’t see any open diapers but I thought I saw one in there and I didn’t touch it.

So outside it is than adding to the bag when I keep throwing stuff away.


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