No more cloth diapers part II

I should have kept my mouth shut again about how I can never get those diapers to smell nice and clean again and how my mother said once “I look forward to the day you quit wearing them” referring to my cloth diapers. But she said cloth, not all diapers so she wasn’t looking forward to me quit wearing diapers, only cloth. My husband decided no more cloth and I must use disposables 24/7 for her sake. he said if he finds out we can’t afford it, he will let me know and I can go back to using cloth again. He also told me I won’t be using cloth on our daughter either and she also has to wear disposable. My consequence for using cloth is a butt spanking if he catches me with one on. So after coming home and putting all the groceries and after my shower, he put me in a disposable and tucked me into bed. He was a daddy this evening. I called it play time like in my story I am currently working on. My husband called it playing with me too just like in my story. Then I got up and cleaned my room and packed all my cloth diapers away and put them in a trash bag and started washing my dirty ones. I have everything sitting in the hallway that goes up to the attic. I wonder what my mom is going to think when she sees those trash bags filled with cloth diapers. I have to pack them away so I can ensure I don’t use them. I wasted money and the rest of my ebucks money on that cloth diaper on ebay. Now I am going to see how we will do with our 35 gallon trash can. It only fits three 13 gal trash bags but my dad somehow manages to squeeze more stuff in it. I will see how it will fit all my used diapers or else we might get a bigger trash can the size of our recycling and compost bin. I think my dad has been doing good not throwing stuff away that isn’t trash because we haven’t been making lot of trash so quickly. I feel like I am wasting money using disposable 24/7.


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