Mother in laws accused me of laughing at her

I wish my husband kept his mouth shut but he goofs up too in social situations. He told me that his mom said I laughed at her when she told me she wet her pants on the stairs. I never laughed at her. I didn’t even say anything about it or go “ha ha ha” and I hate it when people accuse me of laughing when I am not. I get so sick of it. Okay if she thinks I laughed at her and thought I found this all so funny, I guess this was so funny because you know why? People who refuse to wear a diaper when they need to so they shit themselves or wet their pants on the couch or chair or on the steps or anywhere is hilarious, why? Because of the irony. They think wearing diaper is so immature and associate with baby or elderly or the mentally disabled so they act all immature about it by not taking care of their medical condition properly. So it is immature to not wear a diaper when they need to. that’s whats so funny because it’s so ridiculous and the irony. It won’t be funny anymore if they would just wear a diaper. What is so much better about wetting your pants and having everyone see you just had an accident and having to clean up an extra mess than wearing a diaper and not have everyone know you had just wet your pants? Rant over.


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