Changing Nightmares

I woke up poopy yesterday morning and I did some computer and then I decided it was time to take care of myself and my daughter. I grab my cloth diaper and plastic pants and wipes and bring them in the bathroom and I bring my daughter in there too and place her in the tub to keep her out of the way. I cannot leave her alone with my son because he keeps leaving my bedroom door open and I don’t want her to fall down the stairs. I start to get changed in the bathroom but then my son wants to be in there with me but I won’t let him because I didn’t want him to see me poopy. Even standing there and waiting for him to leave didn’t do so I pushed him out and held the door closed and took my diaper off and sat on the toilet and my son came in again and I just waited for him to leave and he wouldn’t. I did try to reason with him but he didn’t listen so I pushed him out and held the door closed and started to clean up while he pounded on the door and screamed trying to get in. So there I was holding it closed with my arm and foot while using my other hand to clean myself up and I would use my foot to hold the door closed while getting a paper towel wet to clean myself up. Then I let him in when I was finished cleaning up and I put my diaper on without any privacy because there was no way I could put it on with holding the door closed. I just stalled off taking him roller skating for being impatient. Then I took him roller skating at 2 pm when he had been calm and not rambunctious like he had been lately. I promised to take him out for it if he was good and he was so I had to keep my promise. But that was the worse diaper changing experience ever and I tried to send him down to his father but he wouldn’t do it. He just wanted to be with Sissy and couldn’t wait until I was done to bring her back out.


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