Why Her?

Sarah Burleton wrote a new book but this time from her mother’s perspective. I don’t know how accurate it is but I think it’s her speculation what her mom’s intentions were. I thought Nancy was delusional if she didn’t think she was abusive and she thought she was a great parent and to her Sarah was this child she was forced to have and she made her miserable and was defiant and not listen so she thought abuse was the answer and that got her to mind. I just wanted to punch Nancy as I read the book but I think Sarah was brave to write from a abuser’s perspective because how many former abuse victims would actually try and see from their abuser’s perspective? Sarah made Richard sound more like a victim than a coward in her other book and it looked to me whenever Nancy doesn’t get her way, she gets abusive so she would verbally abuse Richard when he wouldn’t do what she wanted. The older Sarah got, the more defiant he got and the madder Nancy got. But he told her in the book “If I knew you were this kind of person I wouldn’t have married you” and I thought “so why didn’t you leave sooner” and why didn’t he take Sarah too or was that just Nancy’s assumption. What is it about Nancy everyone is afraid of and how would she make their life a living hell?

But I don’t think she deserves happiness and I wonder if her current husband knows she abused her daughter. I know I would drop her friendship if we were friends.

So if you are curious what a child abuser’s perspective is, you can buy the Kindle book on amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the application on your computer and read your Kindle books there. It’s free.


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