Had a sick weekend

I am feeling better so I am online again. It all started on Saturday when I went to my employee Christmas party and my husband didn’t go because he was not feeling good. I left the kids home with him and went but before I started to eat, I felt sick and my headache started and I felt nauseated so I couldn’t eat much. So I left before I ended up falling asleep at the table and I went to Big Lots and got a few Christmas presents and then I walked down to The Dollar Tree and bought some wrapping supplies including new wrapping paper. I was also chilled because I was sick so when I got home I put the stuff away and went to bed. My headache got real worse then and I felt I had to pee every few minutes. I rested for the rest of the day skipping dinner and my husband helped get a Molicare on me so I wouldn’t have to change and he got our daughter changed too and then dressed. It was a hard night because I couldn’t get any sleep and my daughter was keeping me up so I handed her to my husband. He was on his computer so if he is well enough to play the game, he is well enough to take care of our kid so I can get some sleep. I couldn’t do anything, it hurt when i got up, I felt like I was going to lose my balance, I couldn’t do computer or video games and my husband ended up handing her back to me because he wanted to play his fricken game and I was very sick. I even had to scoot down the stairs so I wouldn’t fall. But my parents were nice to take over so I could sleep. Our daughter was sick too so that was why she wouldn’t go to sleep and she just wanted to play so I put her in her crib so I wouldn’t fall asleep with her on my bed and she falls off.

Then the next day I was feeling better so I thought I might get to go to work and my mom told me to call in sick today. I am feeling better now. But as the day went on I started to get a headache again so I went to bed and my husband finally took care of our daughter and then around six in the morning he brought her in and she went right to sleep after she nursed but then I started to sweat buckets because of her body heat. My nose is clogged I can’t smell anything and my room smelled like piss the other night so my mom sprayed it and when I wasn’t peeing a lot anymore, so I changed into a cloth and threw my Molicare away outside where I put the diaper champ because it stunk like poo from my messy diaper. I got up around 2:47 PM.

I am going to see how well I will keep on doing and see if I should call in sick or not. Sometimes you are well but once you are on your feet and up, you start to feel worse again and getting a headache and then sore eyes. I hate getting these colds. I was also going to go to and look at Christmas lights on this lane but couldn’t because I wasn’t feeling good. Oh well maybe this coming weekend or on Christmas day or Friday when I am off work. I am going to have to check to make sure it’s still open in Christmas and after.


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