I got real diapers again

Since they are going to quit making the plastic backed ones, I got Molicare Super Plus for 68 bucks on ebay and they came in three days. No more crappy diapers and I think I need to get more plastic pants again because my red pair is starting to break down and get stiff and it’s starting to poke my skin. It’s cracking in the leg area.

I finally got my Nintendo 3DS XL NES version. We got money so my husband decided to get it and I went to Gamestop and picked it up for him because his feet hurt too bad from Saturday from all that walking for Christmas shopping. But getting it had to be a the quickest trip I ever made in Gamestop ever. I already bought games from there so I didn’t need to look around again because there is nothing else there I want that is in my price range.


4 thoughts on “I got real diapers again

  1. Is there any other likes or dislikes you have about Molicare? My company is an independent researcher of brands. We help to deliver real feedback to manufacturers. Wish you well and Merry Christmas.

      • Do you find them to be soft on your skin? They invest quite heavily in creating products which are gentle on the skin. Can you notice the difference? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

      • Yes I do. I still feel dry even if I am wet. I think the pee spreads more quickly than it does in other diapers but they hold it in well. I do find them real smelly in the morning but that is probably from having the diaper on for too long and pee smell gets stronger and stronger when out of our bodies for so long and the stuff in the diaper that holds in the smell also wears down and can no longer conceal the smell so I change before they leak.That is why I like them because they never leak. But they last me all day and night depending on what time of day I put them on. But this is from someone with bladder control.

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