I finally ordered more diapers

Walgreens suck and I hear Molicare is going to discontinue the plastic so I ordered a case just now on ebay for 68 bucks since it’s the cheapest I can find for that. My husband doesn’t have to pay the whole credit card bill the following month and I used paypal credit so it’s separate and we can always pay the minimum if we can’t afford to pay it all. But it will all get paid off after this season ends. I think our kids have enough presents and I decided our son will only get two for his birthday, I got him a Spiderman backpack and Play Doh. I also got my daughter some clothes for winter since all her clothes are dresses and all she has are her pajamas to keep her warm so I found some winter clothes for her from dd Discounts and they were all cheap and brand new because it was a clearance store like Ross and TJ Maxx and I got her five outfits and decided to have them be her Christmas Present. My mom and husband thought they were all cute. But one of them was size 12 months and the rest were 6-9 months.

I also found a Nintendo 3DS game on ebay for 6 bucks from Target and it was brand new.  I love being frugal. It was Epic Mickey Power of Illusion. That was the cheapest price I ever saw for the game. But I still want a Nintendo 3DS XL but I have to wait.

I wonder how people stock up on diapers, do they wipe out their savings or use any extra money they have left over after all their bills are paid and food and gas?


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