Miss real disposable diapers

I miss the premium diapers so I plan on getting them soon and no more store bought diapers, they suck. I would have to wear two Walgreens diapers to make them good or otherwise wear plastic pants over them. My bottom has been sore from shaving and it always stings because the razor is too sharp so I know next time to not get those kind of blades. They were brand new, not dull and it’s been cutting my skin too easily and I even have a couple cuts on my legs.I just let my pubic hair grow out now and not shave in that area where it’s sore or it will really sting when pee hits it. I will still trim it and pluck at it at the top and sides. I can give the blades to my mom to use and buy new blades I normally use when I buy more rash cream and baby wipes. I plan on going to a medical shop that is close by for some adult diapers and I hope they will have good ones. Last time I was there at a different location, they had Tranquility ATNs. Those were good diapers too and didn’t leak when I last wore them. But I have been craving some thick diapers. All I have are my cloth ones and lot of my pants don’t fit over them except knit pants. I have half a bag left of those Walgreens diapers.


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