I have been wearing plastic pants over my Walgreens diaper and that diaper has brought something positive to it. Every night after I get home from work, my husband changes me but last night I had to do it myself because my mother in law and my brother in law came over. This is a brand I can consider if I ever run out of premium diapers or feel our money is tight. I went through two yesterday because my husband had an appointment and it lasted three hours and then I had to change when I got ready for work because it was wet in the back and it did leak into my plastic pants so I had to wipe out the wet spots. If this were a Tena Maxi Slip or an Abena XPlus or Molicare Super Plus, then I wouldn’t need changed.

Lot of ABs have a beef about cloth like diapers but I don’t so I can’t relate to them or understand the issues they have with them. My experience with them was never bad and I have never experienced what they experienced with cloth like. I just read in another blog by AB jane that Molicare Super Plus would be going cloth like. I would be willing to try them and I also want to try the cloth like Tena Slip but I haven’t seen any sold in the states yet. Oh wait I believe xpmedical has them but they are the basic slip. But they are cheaper than the Maxi but they don’t hold as much.

I just have something to think about now regarding Walgreens diapers. If I want more diaper changes, then I need to wear a cheaper diaper that holds less even if it means wearing plastic pants over them.


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