My kid is smart

I go to Walgreens today after picking him up from school and I had to get more adult diapers. I buy a pack of 40 and the pack is huge and has a handle on it and it’s heavy. I almost got wipes but decided I didn’t need them right now nor rash cream since I still have two full tubs of wipes and another small tube of rash cream. I also got Christmas versions of Recess Buttercup and Kit Kat bars, one each for my son and I. It would be so hypocritical of me if I got them for myself but not let my son get any.

I pay for my stuff and then in the car my son asked if he could hold the diapers. He still knew what they were despite no baby on the package and it only shows the diaper. He is one smart cookie. I told him “no” and said they were too heavy for him.


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