I did more Streetpassing the next day. I left my son home with his dad and only took our daughter with. I went to lot of McDonalds and only two of them had no Nintendo Zone and the other Best Buy didn’t even have theirs on that time like they did last time I was there. i did have some distractions like stopping at a Gamestop and bought a game got .89 and because there were people there trading, I had to stand and wait and my daughter started crying and I just stood there and waited and swung her carrier and tried rocking it but I knew she was hungry so that was why she was crying. I figured if people were so bothered by a crying baby, they will let me go next just to get me out of the store but I don’t think they were. The man working there made a comment about a baby crying while on the phone and I apologized about it and saying I had been waiting to pay so i could leave and he had been busy. Then my turn finally came and I paid and left and fed her in the car. Then I went to Krispy Kreme and had a half dozen and got stuffed. Then I hit more McDonalds and I got tired that way ad my daughter slept off and on and it rained out and I even got tagged while I was in my car because I was parked right in front of McDonalds so I didn’t even need to get out of my car. Then I went to my last McDonalds and then went to the flea market which was next door and the parking lot was packed. A car pulled out and I lucked out because I took that spot and then carried my daughter inside and looked around. It was just lot of stuff like clothes and shoes and handmade stuff and electronics and it was just like in Mexico. They played Mexican music and there were Mexicans there who were selling stuff. I did find a video game booth and looked and they were selling Nintendo DS games and they had some for five bucks and I have a five dollar bill on me so I bought a game. I had the lady there watching me as I looked as if I was going to steal some games. But I left when I paid and went home. I think the other fleamarket is better because they have more gaming booths and more booths that sell used stuff like antiques or second hand. The other market was more like something down in Mexico. That stuff seems more common down there. In the states, people will do their own culture and have stores about it like that flea market and people come in and look around and buy stuff. I got about 7 tags. I would do more streetpassing but I got too tire and it was evening so I was ready to come home.


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