The irony is killing me

Something on Wrongplanet pissed me off for the last time. A thread. No its not about people thinking it’s okay for children to abuse their parents and thinking parents having no right to a safe home nor their other children. It’s about feeling of a dying animal. I don’t know how many times I have seen people post about how they don’t feel any empathy or grief or sadness when their love one passes away and people assuming they are cold and horrid. Even I never felt grief or sad when my grandparents passed away or my great aunt and never got crap for it. My mom had always understood. I never really understood why they were sad about their deaths and I am not sure how my uncles felt when their mother passed away but my dad didn’t feel sad because she was already gone. Her memory. But someone made a post on the forum about her dying animal and how she didn’t grieve over it and wasn’t upset about it so she didn’t understand why her family was mourning about it and all sad and grieving about it. She got some flak about it and got called names such as monster, horrid, cold. The irony is killing me. Why is it okay to feel this way about a loved one but not for a pet? I asked it once and got no answer so I posted my frustration again and asked it and walked out of the thread and have no intention of going back. I doubt my question will be answered and there is always PM if someone does wish to answer it. This sort of things drive me crazy, it’s okay to be a certain way about something but not about another thing. Even as a child I felt this way. To me it looks like they want people to feel the same way as they do about the same stuff and if they don’t feel the same way about it, they’re “wrong” and how terrible. The user still got support from other users including me.

I had to post this somewhere to get it off my chest ūüôā


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