Game Convention

I went to the convention center for the gaming expo of 2014 to collect a lot of street passes. I sat in one spot and played my Mii Plaza games and I saw I wasn’t the only one doing it because I saw a man standing across the hall from me with his Nintendo XL 3DS. I also got a streetpass from an Aussie and I got one from an Arizonian and one from someone from North Carolina.But I got most of them from Oregonians, Washingtonians and Californians. The most I had gotten the first time were ten tags and the next were less than that but I got a total of 82 tags, less than that actually because I went to Barnes ad Noble after the gaming expo when it ended and got more tags. No 100 tags or 300 like some people have claimed online when going to expos. But i got two panels completed and today i finally beat Find Mii secret quest. But I got seven tags today at McDonalds and it only gave me six Miis. Either the game goofed up or I was hallucinating. Then I defeated the final monster with the first Mii who was on level six and then I started over with normal quest and it said I had no Miis. WTF? I guess with this game, they make you have to tag more again and you cannot play with the ones you tagged and who hadn’t had their turns yet after defeating the final monster or would I have had to do Find Mii Special Quest again?


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