I had my computer cleaned a few days ago. Someone on dailydiapers decided to do some work on it for me so he had me download team viewer and then he started working on it and I saw him put on Advest and remove AVG and I saw him but on malwarebyte but the page wouldn’t display on either of my browsers so he had to find another way. Then he got it downloaded and he ran it and it found a bunch of PUPs from Desktop Temperature Monitor and and worked on it for about two hours and then I had to go to work. I came back and my pictures were gone again and my files were back in its normal spot and I was able to display the background image for desktop and the browser runs pretty fast now and I still haven’t tried reinstalling Firefox to see if it won’t keep freezing and crashing. I have gotten used to Chrome. My old bookmarks were back too. I think it’s pretty cool you can have anyone work on your computer from anywhere thanks to Team Viewer and the password changes every time for security. This saved me money and now we will have more in taxes.


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