Wow for dumb Windows 7

Sometimes windows updates suck. They have messed up my computer in the past so I would always have it turned off when I lived in Montana. Well I have let them happen on our newer computers and things would stay the same. When it first updated after I got my computer fixed, I lost all my files and my stories and it turned out they were in another location on my computer. Today I come home after dropping my son off and I see my computer had restarted itself and had done another update but it said it couldn’t be completed because I never responded. What the? Then it said windows was successfully updated. I check my files again and they are still there but they were the way they were from the day I got my PC back and it was from July 30th. So I look under the computer again and user and admin and there they were again from this date. But now my Microsoft office 2010 won’t work and can’t get it to repair and I may have to remove the program and re install it but I am afraid it will mess up my files so I am using word pad. Luckily it lets me open them with word pad. Now I have to be more careful when I type because it doesn’t tell you when you do typos. I also can’t set a background for wallpaper. This is why I hate windows update, it gets all stupid and messes things up. But the good news is I got my pictures back I lost and hat annoying program desktop temperature monitor is gone. It was an adware I found annoying and I couldn’t remove it and it wouldn’t let me and it would take me to another website if I left a page untouched and it would sometimes happen while making a post so I had to be sure I kept copying the text for in case it happened but this dumb update really removed it and it was as if it reinstalled windows again and it kept the AVG program and yahoo messenger. I also backed up my files onto the external hard drive and I can use the mouse button again on my computer. I am not sure how long that will last because last time it only lasted a week or so before I had to use the mouse again and the speakers still don’t work. Now the browser isn’t slow anymore. It all feels like new like the day i got it back from the repair shop. I lost all my bookmarks sadly. I wonder if firefox will work now instead of it crashing all the time when my husband accidentally installed unwanted programs on it including the desktop temperature monitor. I was able to remove other programs but not this one. I wonder what happened.


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