Too late

I decided to order the Bambino variety case but they were out of stock. I should have done it a lot sooner. I knew they could go out of stock because they always do with their Bambino products and then they have to wait for more to come in. So I ordered a sample of the Teddies just to try them. I just wish more came in a case. I am still trying to decide what diapers to get. I could always go to Walgreens and get some since their diapers are good. I hope they haven’t changed them they are now worse. The Assurence were once good diapers sold by Wal Mart and then they changed them and the tabs wouldn’t stick so I had to use tape and they didn’t hold much so there went that diaper for me. Now they don’t sell the briefs anymore. I hate when diaper companies mess with our diapers making them worse. If I knew how, I would write a complaint to them. I did write a complaint to Bambinos once when I was hearing a bunch of critical comments about their diapers and how they don’t hold as much or how they are thinner or how they feel less comfortable. They have a website, the contact us button so I did that and complained hoping they were getting enough of them from others to make the diapers better again not worse.


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