Messy diaper change

I had on a Wings diaper and I pooped it when I got back from my son’s appointment. It was a little hard doing it because I had to push it out and then I stayed in it for about three hours. I also peed it two more times before deciding it’s time to change. I would say these diapers are average. Not good for an all day diaper because then you end up needing to change before you leak. I regret buying some now at Goodwill on Monday, they had a bunch and I assumed they were Wings but I always avoid cheap diapers because I always think they will leak easily. I decided to hold off getting some more disposables for now since I have plenty left, I have an unopened pack of Nu Fit and a half bag of Shop Ko brand and Wal Greens brand are pretty good. I only use them for work or when I go somewhere and won’t be gone long. I just don’t want a diaper that leaks after one or two wettings. Or I might order more since I like thick diapers. I am thinking of Bambino this time. I just feel money is tight right now is why and my husband says use my credit card. We can afford it but I just don’t feel like using the money right now because of license plates stickers we have to re new next month and a birthday party we got invited to, and at least I don’t have to buy my daughter or son’s costume this year. His still fits from last year and my mom in law got my daughter two costumes. So that is some extra money there we’re saving.

When I decided it was time for a diaper change, I brought the wipes and Tena Slip Maxi to the basement and asked my husband if he wanted to change me quick. He did and I told him I don’t mean sex and he said he knew that. He changes me and he nearly throws up because of the smell and I felt a little guilty but he told me it was all okay so I just stayed put while he cleans me up. He did nearly throw up several times and I decided I should bring the bucket down next time and dump the diapers out of it in the laundry sink but he said it was fine and he won’t throw up. It was a huge mess because I got it all over and it took a bunch of wipes to do it. I thought this would be the last time I ask him to change my messy diaper but he said it was fine and his stomach was just upset because he just woke up. I waited till one to get it done figuring he would be up for a while. But he had just gotten up he said because of a bad night and our son waking him up. Then he told me to bring up my dirty diaper and my other wet from from couple nights ago so I brought them both up in my arms and threw them away in the garage in the trash bag with my other used diapers.


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