Always Discreet

Yesterday I got a sample in the mail of that underwear Always introduced. They are pull ups for women with bladder leakage. I got a sample to try them because they have flowers on them. They came in the mail so fast and they were in three different sizes. S/M, L, and XL. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the two lager sizes and then today I decided I would use them as stuffers. I wore the S/M this morning and they all have a scent to them I wish adult diapers did too. The pull ups held well and it had no leaks when I took it off to get ready for work. I never flooded it, I just did my normal wettings in it which are short pees. The flowers disappear and the pull up gets thicker and it swells up. For work I put on the L and cut a slit in it and a bunch of little white things fall out. I think it’s the crystals that absorb the pee and hold it so I had to get a broom and sweep it and it was a lot. Then I put a Tena Slip Maxi on over the pull up so it will hold more. I still have on the same diaper. I think these pull ups are good as the Walgreens refastenable underwear. But I still prefer diapers with tabs.


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