Ex boyfriend sociopath?

I went to Barnes and Noble to get some streetpasses and my son wanted to play with the Legos they have there. I saw a book on the table called The Sociopath Next Door so I decided to pick it up and read it. I started to read parts of it while my son was playing with the trains in the kid’s area. I was reading a short story about a woman named Sidney and her ex husband was named Luke. He was a charming guy, buying her flowers, taking her out, he seemed very sweet and Sidney ignored the fact he was in many failed relationships and all the woman had left him. They were married within eight months and then she got pregnant and her husband was distant about the pregnancy. Sidney gets told it’s normal and men are distant at first but Luke never settled in about it and after the baby came, he still wanted nothing to do with his son so when Sidney returns to work, she had to hire a baby sitter because she knew Luke wouldn’t take care of him. Sidney gets tired of no relationship with him in their marriage and him ignoring her too they divorced and he still came to her apartment and hung out as if he still lived there. He was starting to be with his son more but she got told he is in love with her apartment, not her or his son. So Sidney started to tell him to leave and scream at him to leave and he gets tears in his eyes and then their son gets upset because daddy is upset and doesn’t want to leave. Talk about manipulation. Then she eventually moves out of Florida to get away from him and was seeing the current psychologist who wrote this book I read. The thing about Luke was he had no conscious, he was a user so he relied on other people for support and being cared for. He had a job but quit after he married Sidney. It made me think of my ex boyfriend. He seemed fine at first, wanted to work really so he went around applying for jobs and I took him to them and helped him fill out the applications for him and took him to drop them off. He got a job at McDonalds. But within a couple weeks it started to change, he never studied to get his driver’s license so my parents quit giving him rides to work, he complained about his job, complained how “retarded” it was to pay to live and to pay bills, gas prices were “retarded” then eating to live was “retarded.” I was his meal ticket and he depended on other people. I thought his whole family was heartless for not wanting him around and not wanting him to stay with them when his parents move to Wyoming and he didn’t want to leave Montana. But I found out why as weeks went by. My mom told me she didn’t think he was capable to care for others or to think of others, he only cared for himself. Then when I dumped him, he was all of a sudden sad and feeling sorry for himself and calling himself a screw up and said I gave up on him. gave up on him? He didn’t even want to change, he just wanted me to be his mommy and wanted me to be his schoeffer (not sure how to spell the word, it’s what a limo driver is) because it was “cheaper” if I took him everywhere than having his own car and filling it up every time it gets empty, and he had excuses for everything to not do something like getting a job or why I should keep taking him to work or why he didn’t want to work for three weeks, (he got fired for that reason). He just didn’t want to find any solutions to his problems when I would try and help him. Was he a sociopath?


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