My nephew turned three and they were going to have it at a place called Bulwinkles but my brother forgot to reserve so at the last minute my common sister in law had to plan a party at her house and she did construction theme. She baked a brownie cake, crushed a bunch of Oreos in the blender, got rock candy at Ross, got Balloons at Party City and had them blown up there. got some string and she decorated the cake and the Oreos were the gravel and she had fake Rocks on it too and used her son’s construction trucks as cake toppings and she had the number three on the cake made out of fake gravel and there were balloons everywhere and the kids were dressed like construction workers which was a coincidence. Their mother just likes those outfits so she had them on them and my nephew likes the fake construction hat he has so he was wearing it. My son had fun and I got to see my new nephew who is seven months. I saw the new toys my nephew got for his birthday and I set up the play tent my son got him and he also got this toy dirt bike for his birthday and he rode it outside and so did my son. Then we had cake and I only had one piece because I like real cake and this was just a brownie. My husband thinks this is his first time there but I know he was there for his second birthday and he just doesn’t remember.  Our son was having so much fun he didn’t even want to leave. I spent most of my time playing Tappingo 2 on my Nintendo 3DS. I did all the puzzles finally. I also took lot of pictures.


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