I decided I should drive to the McDonalds right close to our house everyday for streetpasses. I took my son there for a Happy Meal and I played the Miis there and I rented two Redbox movies. Then the next day I return them and I bring my Nintendo 3DS again and got 7 streetpasses again and they were the same Miis. I wonder if the same people go there everyday to get tagged. I play them in my car before heading to my son’s jog a thon and when I had to return those movies. I had to bring my kids in with me because this isn’t the 1990’s where you could leave you kids in the car for a few minutes and not have the police get called or social services and have them not get taken. Now times have changed. I can remember being left out in the car while one of my parents would run inside for a few minutes or waking up in my car seat and I am alone in the car. I was never left in the car for hours or for a very long time. I was also not left in there if it was hot out. My mom had good sense. Then I heard the reason why laws had passed about leaving kids in cars is because people were leaving them in there on cold days or hot days or leaving them in there for hours. I am not talking about parents who accidentally leave their kid in the car forgetting they have them with. If that happens, I bet people have accidentally left their VHS tapes in their cars and they would melt. I remember those days when video stores would have signs up about it and have melted tapes on display to show what happens when you leave them in hot cars in the sunlight.

So my nephew is having a birthday this Saturday which is today and I am going to stop at the McDonalds again when we leave and we have to get him a birthday present. I hope the people there don’t mind people walking in their restaurant and then leaving without buying a thing.


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