So that’s why

I went to barnes & Noble yesterday and I think I know why I don’t always get streetpasses. It’s not because no one had walked in there that day with a 3DS, it’s because their wireless was down. I tried to use my Nook and it wouldn’t let me connect to the shop and the green light never came on on my 3DS. It did later but it was from another customer there and it was only for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. None for Streetpass Plaza. Hopefully it will be working today and I can finish my books on there. It also said the store wasn’t in range when I looked on my Nook at the wireless settings. I talked to a security there and she said she couldn’t get her Kindle to connect so that’s a relief. Nothing wrong with my Nook.


2 thoughts on “So that’s why

  1. You could always try those hypnotic CDs and see if you could become truly incontinent. First 100% bedwetting and when that no longer is special 100% during daytime as well. Think about it! First absolutely having to wear diapers even if you only take a nap and the possibilities of gaining wider acceptance for your need to wear diapers. How could your parents and friends think other than “Poor Helen (or whatever your real name may be!), to wet herself in her sleep like that, how embarrassing for her! No wonder she feels she has to wear diapers at other times too!”. Then once that has become routine, you take the second step to 24/7 incontinence and change just before you go to work and not knowing when you will wet yourself, only that at some point you will… …and how everyone will sympathize with your problem just getting worse and worse until they say “Poor woman, so young and already having to wear diapers full time. She must be so brave. Me, I wouldn’t dare or or even want to go out of the door!”

    I don’t know if the hypnotic CDs work, I never gave them long enough myself as I was too impatient for results, but they are extremely relaxing to listen to, especially after a difficult day!

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