Thinking about opening a new blog

I have been thinking lately about opening another blog. I have another blog account on another blogging site. I also have a Tumblr account. I thought about it because I post off topic stuff here that is undiaper related and I am sure you readers come here just to read about me wearing diapers and don’t want to read my rants or me streetpassing or my work or parenting or video games or books and find it annoying to dig through my entries to read diaper entries. But I am thinking about it.


One thought on “Thinking about opening a new blog

  1. I would disagree, I love reading all of it. It’s almost as if you’re more “real” if that makes any sense… I relate to you better knowing all you write about. I’m not a person who cares about street passing etc. but it’s nice to read because it’s you. I know you for you, not what you wear under your pants…

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