It will stop being special if we did it all the time

Everyone is different so some DLs will not wear diapers 24/7 or it takes the fun away for them. I have a fantasy of getting my diapers changed all the time by my daddy. I like to write about it in my story with my character who is an adult. I told my daddy how I wish he would change me all the time and he said if we did that it wouldn’t be special anymore because it would get normal. It used to be exciting when I would wear diapers and feel a thrill when I would pee in them. Now that feeling is gone because I did it so often, it became normal. I get excited when I poop my diaper and enjoy it, pretty soon that might become normal and I stop feeling excitement. I poop and I feel nothing and just live on like I always do in my diapers and when I wet.


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