I don’t know what is going on with my kid. He has always been rough, even as a baby. Early as four months he was clawing at me and I used to have socks on his hands whenever I held him so he wouldn’t hurt me. I never thought how strong infants were and how they can hurt you and it made me understand why a mom bit her nine month old because I felt tempted to do it too. But I think a nine month old would be too young to understand and lot of parents bite their kids back or pinch them back to show them how it feels and the mom was charged with child abuse because she left teeth marks. I never heard of it being done on an infant to show them how it feels. My son was doing biting too and it would startle me I would go into defense mode so whenever I felt him put his mouth on me, I would push him away because I didn’t know if he was going to bite or not. Then he was kicking and head butting and I saw how strong a toddler can be. I was hoping he wouldn’t turn into a violent child because if all this hurts now, it will get worse and worse when he gets bigger and stronger and then what? But he stopped the aggressive behavior and now he is dong it at school. He stopped doing it at home, he doesn’t do it to his little sister or to the other kids when we take him to the play area at the mall but yet he seems to think that rule doesn’t apply at school. So he gets taken out of activities, I tried giving him a  treat for a good day in school and no treat for a bad day. That worked for only two days. Now treats don’t matter so today my dad came and picked him up because somehow our line was busy even though no one was on the phone so she called my dad and he came and got him and his teacher and I had a talk. She is thinking about getting him an aid that works for the county. I understand she can’t watch my son all the time to see what makes him attack because she has sixteen students she has to watch. So he got no happy meal by his grandpa and I took away Spiderman. I keep telling him to tell his teacher if a kid is hurting him. I informed the teacher about that. I also told him if he keeps hurting other kids at school, they won’t let him come back and he won’t be able to go there anymore.

I don’t know if they will really kick him out but that is my biggest fear because I have read online about kids being kicked out of every daycare or school due to their behavior. One boy was kicked out because he always wanted to be held and wouldn’t stop crying unless he was held so no daycare wanted to keep him there and I have heard stories about other kids being kicked out of daycare or preschool for behavior issues and aggression. My son is normal and he is having behavior problems. He was having good days and he started out good today and then he got bad. So far he isn’t posing a danger so I don’t think he needs to be hospitalized. He isn’t causing injuries to other kids or throwing furniture or threatening with knives or scissors or threatening to burn down the school and he isn’t using anything as a weapon. All he is doing is hitting and biting and pushing, normal toddler stuff.


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