More relaxed at work

I have noticed when I leave early for work and stop at Barnes & Noble for streetpasses and to read, I work at slower pace at work and don’t get off as soon. I guess I don’t feel as anxious so I am working slower and taking my time. I still get off a little early but at least I am nit getting off at 8:20 or 8:10 or 7:55. I couldn’t figure out how slow to work or how fast and then doing the streetpassing thing was stressing me out during work because I would the be anxious to get done as if my hobby was more important than working. So I decided to leave early and stop at the bookstore and read and collect streetpasses and I don’t have to play the Mii Plaza games there. I can play it during break. But Mondays and Fridays are hard because I get done too soon no matter what because there is barely anything to vacuum and dust and my boss wants me to work till nine by helping other co workers but I can’t even find them when I look. Shall I keep looking till nine? But then what do I do if I have five minutes left of work and I finally saw one of my co workers? Also I wish I didn’t get so nervous about asking them if they need any help. It also makes it so hard. I get all this anxiety and the other day I did see one of them right by the daycare way at the other end and I asked her if she needed help and it wasn’t bad but it took me ten minutes to do what she gave me to do. I don’t think my boss liked that because she decided to add to my work by telling me do spot cleaning in the stair well and doing more dusting. So I mop the whole stairwell and do more dusting but I don’t know what she wants me to dust. Today I got done at 8:45 so I clocked out since that was close to nine and I went straight to the train stop than going to the mall since I always need to be home around 9:30 because my daughter doesn’t always take the bottle. But she has for the past two days. I think she is getting used to it now. I think she has finally figured out she either goes hungry or take the bottle. Unless my husband is giving it to her when she is sleeping because he found that is the only way she will take it.