Lemonade Wars

I just finished the book today and I want to read the sequel books to the book. It’s a series. I could relate so much to Jessie it was like I was reading about my childhood again. I never had conflicts with my brothers or do any wars with them but Jessie had a hard time reading people and understanding them and she would get confused by their actions and why they were upset. But she was still a nice person and she made a friend. She and her brother were able to resolve their issues while my mother always had to help me resolve mine because I couldn’t do it myself. But now I have moved onto another book and I forget the name of it but it’s about a boy with a learning disability and he meets his old friend who has a condition that gives him growth retardation so he is very small but he is very smart. It seems like the bookstore is doing disability awareness or is it a coincidence they have out all these books on display that is about a character with a disability. There are other books but not all of them are about a disability. I have finished reading Rules, Out of My Mind, and Lemonade Wars. I related a little to David because I also liked rules as a kid and needed them so I knew how to act and what to expect. My mom had to give me them every time we went somewhere. Plus I learned in the Rules book, they aren’t really rules people do because most people don’t see them as rules but I do. Even my high school therapist called them rules too. He would tell me it’s not the social rules or that me and other kids are not following the social rules.

Maybe after I run out of interesting books to read in the bookstore or when they decide to take them off display and put up new books, I will return to my Nook and finish the book there and then read the rest of the Lemonade War series. It’s killing two birds with one stone, I go there to streetpass and I read. I don’t play my Mii Plaza games there always because I would rather read to finish the book.