Sometimes people should keep their mouths shut

There are times when I think someone should have kept their mouth shut. My mom was one of them today. My son was using the toilet and he started crying all of a sudden saying he hurts down there and pointing to his penis. It looked fine and I figured he must have slammed the seat on it because I heard the seat drop down and then he started crying. My mom said I should make an appointment with his doctor because he shouldn’t be in so much pain whenever it gets hard and we can’t pull back the foreskin. She tells me what to say when I make the appointment so I got out the paper with the number on it I kept and made the call and schedule an appointment and I repeated exactly what my mother told me to say. I said “My son’s penis always hurts whenever he gets a stiffy and we can’t pull the foreskin back.” She scheduled it for tomorrow and then I told my mom I made the appointment for his stiffy and it’s tomorrow and she asked me what did I say so I told her and she said Did you say stiffy?” and I said yes and my mom started laughing. I didn’t know what was so funny and she asked me what did she say and I said nothing and she asked me if she laughed and I said no. I told her I said what she told me to say so why is it funny and what is wrong with the word. She told me it was a kinder way of saying erection. I told her she told me that word so why is it funny. She wouldn’t tell me and told me I didn’t do anything wrong and it was okay and she probably chuckled. Then she said she didn’t mean to embarrass me. And you would think NTs would have a social filter but even they goof up too in their social skills. She should have kept her mouth shut about me saying the word.


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