Hand washed some clothes

I did a blog yesterday about our broken washing machine, I washed the diapers by hand and now they are drying. It will take a while for them all to dry because I can’t wring them out enough as good as the washer. Now I know why clothes wouldn’t dry all the way, it wasn’t that the heat in the dryer isn’t working well, it’s because the washing machine does not wring out the clothes well because it won’t spin so it takes longer for the clothes to dry. I also washed some other clothes, my son’s underwear, some of my stuff, my daughter’s clothes and a burp rag and now they are sitting in the washing machine waiting to be put in the dryer for them to dry when the diapers are done. I did had to rinse them all out in the laundry sink where I washed them. I can probably do this. It uses more water but this is until we get the washer fixed and I can wash cloth diapers this way too. Let them soak too in soapy water in scalding hot water. I did that with my daughter’s poopy ones and then I scrubbed them against the grooves in the sink which is obvious for washing clothes.


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