Stupid washing machine

It broke and this time it won’t spin and the lid won’t stay locked. Time to wash cloth diapers by hand and use disposables again. It also won’t wash clothes properly. Now the load still has lot of soap in the linen and I can’t get it to rinse so I can dry them. Unless I want to rinse them out myself and put in the dryer and try and wring them out good which means abandon my kids and have my husband take over while I do the clothes and diapers. I am not even sure if our laundromat allows diapers to be washed there. Oh now it fills with water as I type this to rinse. Saves me the trouble of rinsing the clothes out myself. This just means our children can go naked to save on laundry and our son likes to go nude anyway and make him wear he same outfit outside if he wants to play. I can wash a few things in our tub and bucket if we have to like some poor people have to do when they don’t have a washing machine or a working one because they cannot afford a laundromat or don’t have the time to sit there and wait for it to finish or don’t have a car to get to one that is walking distance. 


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