Not a Good day

Today I went out to get school supplies and it was my mistake to bring my son with. I was going to do it alone and pick them out for him because he was acting up and whining this morning and my husband assured me he would do fine once we head out. He also told him I will take him to McDonalds if he is good. So I took him and we stopped at The Dollar Tree and instead he kept taking off and I had to call him, he was whining and I had to keep looking on the list and look for stuff and then my daughter started to cry and my son kept talking his his whiny voice so it got me overwhelmed and I could feel my anxiety rising. Then I paid and we left and I decided to try Big Lots and told my son the rules and if he can follow them, he gets McDonalds but instead he kept on whining and it got me even more overwhelmed and I just wanted to scream and cry but I couldn’t do that in public. I felt like I was going to have a meltdown because of the chaos. Then I decided we were just going home so I can hide in my room to get away from it all. I thought about just leaving the cart with the stuff there but I had already marked the stuff off the list and I didn’t want to make it more complicated so I stayed in line and then my turn came and I paid. Then I went out to the car and put my kids in and went home and my son just cried and cried when he got home. I should have just done this alone with my daughter. Then I hid in my room after I brought my purse, diaper bag, and kids inside and hid in my room leaving my son crying in the kitchen. I am still recovering. My husband had to pitch in by making him something to eat. That was the problem and I figured but his whining got me so overwhelmed I had to get home. I couldn’t handle it. I’ll finish the shopping tomorrow alone with my daughter or my husband would have to come along because I can’t do this alone with him. Maybe when he is older, he will understand and not do it knowing what will happen. I wonder how other parents handle this. I can’t imagine myself being a single parent. I find the thought of it frightening.


One thought on “Not a Good day

  1. I am the same way. I have severe anxiety, I can handle my two year old daughter shopping with me but my two older boys not a chance. They are 9 and 7 now and still act up while they are out. I wish they would grow out of it ūüė¶

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