More Streetpassing

I got done at 8:10 so I walked over to the mall to get tagged again by other Nintendo 3DS users. I went up to McDonalds and got none and I dropped by at Gamestop and then I headed to Barnes & Noble and got four tags. One of them came from Japan and I think I saw the person but I was too shy to shove my Nintendo 3DS in her face showing her her Mii character in my Mii Plaza asking if it’s her. They were speaking Japanese and she and her boyfriend or husband were looking at Minecraft stuff. But I got my first foreign Mii. I tagged her three times because I kept going back to the store to try and get more tags because they have the Nintedo Zone. I guess you can’t cheat the thing because I didn’t tag the same people again. But I did tag another Oregonian again, the same one and I defeated one of the ghosts in Find Mii and I am almost done with the Pikimon panel already. I also walked around the mall and also stopped at the ATT place and got nothing. Since I forgot my Nook, I just walked around trying to get tagged. It seems to be the hotspot for meeting the same people. I bet it will be better if I try and hit it during the holiday season and after when everyone is taking back gifts or try Black Friday. 


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