I went to the mall again this time without my son. (yesterday I had to drag him out of the mall because he threw a tantrum and didn’t want to leave but he was tired so we left) But I got bad cramps all of a sudden when I arrived at the train stop and I figured I will just use the restroom at the mall. But the cramping got worse on the train and I felt like I was going to shit myself so I hold it in. Then my stop arrived and I got up and I notice a huge portable potty in the park so I walk fast to it and find there is a lock on the door to keep people from using it. I thought “Oh come on you gotta be kidding me” and i crossed the street to the mall and went into Macy’s and I head for the restroom and I find the handicapped stall is being used. “You gotta be kidding me, can this get worse?” So I use the single stall leaving the stroller out there outside the stall and no way was I going to go with the door open and have anyone see my diaper. My daughter also starts crying so it made me finish sooner. So I took a dump and it was diarrhea and I flushed the toilet and waited for the handicapped stall so I could finish taking a dump and have my daughter with me. Then the lady finished in there and I go in and take another dump and breastfeed my daughter on the toilet. It was my first time nursing in the restroom. A common argument I see about breastfeeding is “Would you eat your meal in the bathroom” whenever someone suggests a mom should feed her baby in there. But I killed two bids with one stone. Then i was done taking a dump and I clean up and put the diaper back on and wash my hands and leave. I walk around and I get some streetpass tags, four of them and I had met them the second time. I play the games and go to Ross and the bad cramping returns again so I go to Barnes & Noble and take a dump in the restroom again in the handicapped stall. Then I felt better and I go back to Ross and I have more streetpass tags again. I play those and then go to Gamestop and get tagged again. That was why I went to the mall, to try and get streetpass tags and Gamestop means more streetpass tags because customers in there are more likely to be carrying a Nintendo 3DS and have it in sleep mode. I tagged 11 users total and defeated the final armor in Find Mii game and then the huge monster grabbed my Mii and now I have to defeat it to free my Mii. I also read a few books on my Nook at Barnes & Noble. I never got anymore diarrhea cramps. Now I have to wait until next weekend to do this again and tag more people unless I want to leave early for work and go to the mall and walk around Gamestop and around the mall to get more Streetpass tags and then head to work.


13 thoughts on “Streetpassing

  1. I know exactly where you are coming from, oh how well I recognize what you describe, really working hard to get a good story together and knowing it is good! And then who gets all the views and comments? Stories similar to this one which I wrote in a fit of unladylike anger and posted under a false ID:

    “Because they were beautiful redheads and wore glasses Cayley and Kayley were very popular in school.
    All the other girls wanted to try their glasses and some of the boys too.
    They then went home and told their parents that they needed glasses too and the optician was very happy because he sold so many pairs glasses he could retire on the spot and buy a condo in the Bahamas and he was very happy.
    Cayley and Kayley met two nice young men Ridley and Wesley who played baseball and football.
    They tried Cayley’s and Kayley’s old glasses and found that they saw so much better that they started to wear glasses themselves.
    Cayley and Kayley sell lemonade together and have so much fun.
    Ridley and Wesley play so much better now that they have glasses.
    Cayley and Kayley are very happy they can now see Ridley and Wesley play so much better now that they have glasses.
    Ridley and Wesley will be able to see Cayley and Kayley sell lemonade and have so much fun now that they have glasses.
    Unfortunately groundskeeper Macauley who really needs glasses but is so poorly paid he can’t afford any did not see that Quirkley the School Bully who surprise surprise also needed glasses but was too scared to wear his had fitted a three-share plough instead of the line-painting gear.
    Cayley and Kayley were horrified at what had happened to the football field.
    Ridley and Wesley were also horrified at what had happened to the football field.
    Even Principal McKinley was horrified at what had happened to the football field and spoke to the School about it.
    Quirkley felt bad about it and confessed and Principal McKinley told him he had to go to the new optician and buy himself a new pair of glasses.
    When Quirkley got his new glasses he gave his old pair to groundskeeper Macauley who now saw what an awful lot of work there was to do and immediately resigned and started to brew moonshine instead which he sold by the gallon to students and everyone was very happy from then on except Halley.”

    I don’t know where you write, or rather post your stories, but I would love to read them if you’d tell me where to look! I used to post a few on but I have given that up as a bad job and started to write real stories instead. So much more fun! If you want to see for yourself how good writers get overlooked in favour of the inadequate wannabes, you could take a look at some of mine, I write there under the name Zennia, or my friend Specs4ever who is really good. I’m particularly proud of “The Gifts of Shirzi” (I, II & III) and I know Dave (S4e) likes “The Twins that Weren’t” which is a brilliant story.


  2. First, I should have read the information about yourself before I posted, I apologise. As a teacher, I have had some experience with teenagers with Aspergers (autism) and had I read the information about yourself you have provided, I would have put in the links and also worded myself more clearly.

    By my friend Dave, a.k.a. Specs4ever

    By me as Zennia

    Second, your literary work. I have read “Beth and Jed” – even eleven years ago you were a very competent writer. It is so easy to identify the parts you wrote as they are so much better. I also have read your contribution to “A Christmas Story” (and a few of the others). Again, your skills as a writer sets you apart from the other contributors.

    I am now reading “Incontinent Natalie” and have finished Chapters 1 – 12. It is a gripping tale by a mature writer. Your strength as a writer is that you write about people, not the fetish. You make your characters come alive and they seem to be real people – not all, but the ones you do need for the story. You show excellent judgement in how much you present of each character, exactly as much as is needed for your story and no more. It makes reading your stories very enjoyable to read! Oh, chapter 12 really is outstandingly good! You made an absolutely superb job of juggling all those characters around into a coherent tale. It was as if I was there, like a fly on the wall.

    As I myself write in a similar manner – it is about the people and not the fetish – we share the same dilemma. Whom do we write for? Who are our readers? My readers, and I think yours likely too, want to read about the fetish and are not really interested in the people. This is one reason I had a problem to reach my chosen audience and this is why I have now quit writing for them. I have decided to write the stories that I want to write, the stories that come to me and demand to be written – even if some will only be read by myself.

    Please, do keep writing! You do have a God-given gift, if you pardon the expression, for writing stories. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by a lack of response because most of the readers of your stories do not have what it takes to appreciate what an excellent writer you are!

    Sincerely, you are a wonderfully talented writer!


    • You are probably right they do want to read for the fetish and I do often neglect diapers by not mentioning them often enough. But then I did use an AB/DL theme for Happy Birthday Natalie and she was an adult this time all grown up and I still got nothing. I still didn’t mention diapers a lot and it was mostly a daddy/little girl story and I basically wrote about my London adventure in it and put in my own relationship with my husband and put in my fantasy, I mixed it. I did go to Build a Bear Workshop on my birthday after the story for my birthday. It’s not unusual for me to mix myself in my stories, especially in characters. You’re not the first to say the characters are like real and you are like actually the character in the story. My husband will sometimes tease me about marrying a British guy because I shared that fantasy with him I had from my teens and moving to England and live in London. From the start at age 15, that was why I made Glen an English guy and that he was from London and the rest of his family was still there. Technically that would make all his kids British citizens since they were born outside the UK but they cannot pass it onto their own kids unless they marry a British person who was born there and is a natural British citizen and have a kid with them. My great great grandparents came from England and had my great grandmother in Canada so she was English and would mean she was technically a British citizen but then she had my grandmother so therefore my grandma was not a British citizen and her dad was a American while her mom was English and the she married my grandfather who was a Native American and had my dad and I am only a descendant and it means I have some English in me. I still consider myself 100 percent American. Natalie would be half.
      One thing I find annoying about writing is when I am spending most of my time doing research for accuracy for my stories and I do my best if I can’t really find an answer. I know real authors spend more time doing it and actually spend time with people and families or travel to places and I don’t have the money for that or even know how to meet people. But I often avoid writing about things I have no experience about but if I wish to put something in I have no experience about like owning a pet rabbit let’s say, I would try and do research about it and I did have a couple teachers who owned a pet rabbit and had them in their class so I have some idea how they are cared for so I could put that in my story without really researching it unless I decide to have Natalie own a pet rabbit. But that won’t happen because I am not interested in having one. I decided to quit posting my stories on forums and only post them on my own board and if anyone wants to read them, I will give them the link.

      I was watching Parenthood and in the last episode I watched, I feel did they just read my Natalie story and stole my ideas and changed it? I know it was just a coincidence. Dylan calling Max Asperger’s and his parents starting a special school for him. In my story Natalie had enough social awareness to know Gary was being a jerk calling her an Assburger (how he pronounces it) and punches him finally and got suspended from riding the van for a week. I am not sure if Dylan is calling Max that to be mean or not and if Max even understands it or not. Also her dad found a school for her while in the show, his parents started the school for him. I just wanted to share this.

    • I just read the glasses story. I found it very interesting. Instead of with diapers, it was with glasses. Reminds me when I was a little kid (under 9), I thought electric wheelchairs were cool and crutches and wished I had one of those. I even thought this girl in my self contained class had a cool desk because she had a tray under it that slid in and out where she kept her school supplies and work. I know this was pretty ignorant of me for thinking these things were cool and wanting one of these. But then I grew out of it realizing some kids don’t have working legs so they use those and I wouldn’t want to be disabled like they are. I even thought my Dad’s glasses were cool too and would play with them sometimes only for a few minutes. I liked seeing how curvy the ground looked and how the walls would look like they are coming in at me and I remember being told wearing other peoples glasses are not good for your eyes and they hurt them. I ended up needing glasses at age 18 and my eye sight looks normal though them. None of that curvy walls and grounds sticking up like hills.

      • Thank you!

        I originally came upon your site as I was doing ‘research’ for a new story and I have now finish that story, “Diapered Cinderella”, so I put up the first very rough draft on your 54-site for you to read. It is rough, raw and there are plenty of mistakes in it so do feel free to delete it any time you want to! It is your site for your stories after all. 🙂

        I have done you the courtesy of scoring “Incontinent Natalie. Natalie vs Veronica” and added a summary of my impressions for you. I feel that is the very least I could do for you in return. Again, please feel free to delete if you want to. 😉 I’m saving Natalie vs her parents for a rainy day, as they say.

        Like I said, I came upon your site as I was doing research, but I found it and you so interesting as a person, a fellow human, that I will continue to follow your blog. Thanks Beth, you are a star!

        / Nicole

  3. What the research was about? How an autistic person interacts with family members, I needed that for the story I was writing as I’ve only met autistic people in a formal teacher – student setting in school with me as the teacher. First I found Penelope Trunk’s blog which led to Adrian Surley’s blog where you had left a comment which led to your blog and to your stories. 🙂

  4. Much like Natalie Evans is your Alter Ego, Nicole Simone is mine. Just like Natalie isn’t exactly Beth, so Nicole isn’t me. Very like, but not quite. 🙂 Most of “Steve’s” experiences are based on a friend of mine who lives in Sweden but his suicide is pure fiction as is that of “my boss”.

    (Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I’ve been progressing leaps and bounds with my novel. You still won’t reconsider getting “Incontinent Natalie” published ? 😉 )

    • No I won’t. Have you checked out my new Natalie stories, I have been focusing more on the adult her. I sort of have a friend who lives in Sweden, he is also a Natalie fan. He called me a friend so I didn’t know he was one because I barely know anything about him. What is your novel about?

      • What a pity! 😉

        I’m saving those for when I have the time to sit down to read and enjoy them, probably over the Holidays. The book I’m writing is in the Horror genre, very subtle and psychological rather than the usual gory and violent. You know, more like “The Exorcist” is than all the flashy gimmicks of “Poltergeist” if I compare it to movies. I have almost finished it now, only a couple of chapters remain to be written and I only have some 17,000 words left to play with if I am to keep it within the recommended bounds of “less than 110,000 words”.

        Merry Christmas!

      • I once thought about writing a horror story and it would be about a teen being terrorized by a new puppy her family got but the puppy is evil. He does things to her and no one believes her and they think he is all innocent. It would be based on my own feelings and the dog we had and I swore that dog was evil because he wouldn’t quit peeing in the house and he would come inside and pee right away and no one believed me and it drove me literally insane I was getting nightmares and getting these wicked fantasies about the dog and I had tremendous anxiety because I didn’t like pee in the house. Basement and the playroom were his favorite spots and there were no solutions to my problem because no one would let me do them and then it was a big relief when he died. But I think he was just one of those dogs that just liked going in the house, some dogs are like that.

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