Giving up on reading AB/DL stories

Lately people have been starting stories with really good plot lines and then they just quit because they lose interest or they feel there aren’t enough people interested in it or because they get too busy or they lost their work due to computer issues. Then I am disappointed and I am starting to think to quit reading any new stories because the author isn’t going to bother to continue them. Another thing I find frustrating is all these authors get comments and I work hard on mine and to continue mine but hardly get any. I find that to be ironic. Just another pet peeve I found for reading a story. I will stick with the ones that are completed or have tons of pages because that means there are tons of chapters with comments even if they are not completed.


3 thoughts on “Giving up on reading AB/DL stories

      • Will do thank you. Also good to see other girls too. It seems to be a male dominated interest.

        My partner has only just started letting me go 24/7. I might have to write one from the lesbian perspective.

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