A Huge Load

I hadn’t pooped in five days so when I got home from the day with the kids, I felt the urge to poop and I stood up and pushed it out and it was a big one. I stayed in it and then I was naked in my diaper only and about two hours later, the urge hit again (I knew I had more in me because I could feel it and it wasn’t ready to come out yes) so I pushed again and I felt air come out too and I realized later that was the poop going up my diaper and the warmth I was feeling down there on my bottom butt was the poop and I relaxed my muscles and I felt more come out without me pushing. I am going to shower anyway so I pooped the diaper since I would take it off anyway and now this diaper feels all nice and soft, squishy and it’s smelly. I even felt it go towards the front where my labia is when I pushed on my diaper. It’s all staying inside the diaper. But I tried masturbating in it and it didn’t feel comfortable. I guess my main character likes that in my story. I guess she likes to spread the mess around in her diaper and then clean up the huge mess and risk having it get pushed out of her diaper, that was my biggest fear so I didn’t keep masturbating. I can’t enjoy it with that fear in my head. The diaper also feels full and thick from all the poo. I have never had this best experience of a full poopy diaper. I am glad my body decided to expel it. I don’t know if it all got out but I will see. Okay I think I better clean up, this is getting too gross. I just saw it went past my labia and it now above my pelvis area. I am no longer enjoying this, I now feel disgusted by this seeing where the poop is now and where it’s going.

I got cleaned up and it was indeed disgusting. It stuck to my skin and most of it was in the diaper and it went up the back too and I rinsed the poop off as I showered and it all went down the drain. I used my mom’s bathing suit to cover my used diaper so my son wouldn’t see it if he comes into the bathroom. Then when I was done taking my shower, I dried off and put on a clean diaper and plastic pants and put on my bathrobe and grabbed a plastic bag and put the diaper in it and no poop got on my mom’s suit. If it did, I would have rinsed it off and hang it to dry again. I tied the bag up and threw it away outside. Cleaning up doesn’t matter when I am showering because it all washes of as I do it. The luxury of having control.


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