I decided to get a new interest. I will leave my Nintendo 3DS on all the time and have it in sleep mode so I will streetpass anyone who has a Nintendo 3DS in standby mode. It doesn’t really use much battery at all because one bar can last all day. You use more power when you are playing it. I went to the mall on Saturday and I did not get one tag for MiiPlaza but I did for other games like Mario Party and Mario Kart and Super Mario bros 2. Then yesterday on the way to work, I just had mine in sleep mode and I was reading instead and I got two tags. I should go to a video game convention this year, maybe I will get lot of them that day. Video Games means people will have their Nintendo 3DS with them so maybe I will get a lot that day. If I ever see a bunch of kids, I can walk by them or through them and see if I get any tags since kids means more likely someone is carrying a Nintendo 3DS.


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