Pooped my nappy

I felt like using a British word.

I came home from work tonight and my husband heated up my veggie burrito and served it to me with a fork and he put on Forgotten Planet for me. I love watching shows about abandoned places. Then when it was over, I put my plate and fork in the sink and brought the diaper bag, my purse, breast pump, and baby upstairs. I got her changed and then I got undressed and put on my sleeper I got in Montana and I brushed my teeth. My husband came up when he heard our baby fussing and he held her and thought I looked like a little girl in my sleeper and he could hear my diaper loud and clear.

Then when we was gone, I put her on my bed with her toy and I do my computer and the urge for me to poop hits again and I could feel it wants to come out so I stood up and relaxed my muscles and pushed it out and it came out and I let the rest out but some stayed inside. Then I sat back down and went back to what I was doing. I can feel the lump and it feels like and I enjoy pooping my nappies. It’s a Tena Slip Maxi I did it in. I wonder if it’s odorless because I can’t smell a thing.


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