Reconsidering cloth

I just looked at our water and sewer and electric and our sewer is for three months charge and I decided using cloth may be cheaper because if I use disposables 24/7, I will be spending over $200 month on diapers and our water was $121 and sewer was $179. I just saw our new sewer bill and the billing period was from July and they were for the months of May-July and this time the sewer cost was $224. Okay so what is cheaper. Just think how much that is from diapers. Toilet flushing and from washing them. I could use the tub too and that will add to the sewer so I am not waiting for the toilet to finish filling up before I flush it again. Other people who use cloth, not all of them pay for he sewer line. When we lived in Montana, we didn’t pay for water and sewer so cloth diapers would be a lot cheaper there. In my apartment, cloth was cheaper because we didn’t pay for water and sewer, the landlord did and we only had to pay for our laundry. But this time we pay for everything. Should I continue using disposables for three months until we get our next water and sewer bill to see how much lower it is or just go with cloth again?

But doing the calculator for diapers and I estimated about three diapers a day and dividing it by how much come in a case depending what brand. 72 a case for Tena slip Maxi and that is the most expensive because it costs 112 a case on the Bambino website. If I wear 24/7 and went through 3 diapers a day, that will be two cases a month. 48 diapers come in a case for Bambino Classico and Molicare Super Plus has 56 a case so what is cheaper if I buy them twice a month? And this would be monthly than every three months so we would still be spending more. Plus we split our bills so we are saving money on utilities but we wouldn’t be splitting our cost on diapers since it’s my thing. We don’t split our costs when it’s something personal.

I don’t think my Mom realizes how much disposables would be compared to how much more we pay in water and sewer and electric and it’s from all three months while our electric bill is monthly. But our water, sewer, and electric come from our personal use than just my diapers. So cloth is cheaper and I think I will switch back to cloth. I will just keep trying to find better solutions for the smell.

Update: I decided to go back to wearing cloth. I decided it will be cheaper since we only pay water and sewer every three months and diapers are monthly so what do you think is cheaper? If we want to really save on sewer, how about taking my diapers outside and rinsing them off with a hose or rinse them off in a bucket and then dump it outside. There, it didn’t go down the drain and we have saved on putting it in the public sewer.


One thought on “Reconsidering cloth

  1. My baby girl wears clothe almost exclusively and it is definitely a lot cheaper than disposables. it costs a lot more up front but over time it is around 1/3 the cost of disposables and that includes the cost of power and water. Plus, cloth is better anyhow, especially at night.

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