No more cloth

I have decided on no more using cloth. I am practically washing them everyday now and water/sewer bill is high in my area because they charge so much for it. So that is all the water I am using because I flush the toilet when I rinse out cloth diapers, I wash them, then rinse them again in the washing machine, then I am drying them and I am not sure how much more in power I use to wash and dry them. My mom did say our power, water/sewer bill is high. So I decided to just switch to disposable and see how much lower our bill is and see if I am saving any money or if it costs just as much. I can’t line dry them because I don’t want them to be seen by my brother if he comes over. I decided our budget for diapers will be $300 a month since Tena Slip Maxi costs $112 and double it and that is $224 a month. My husband gave me an idea to just buy a case every month with my paycheck. I can store the diapers in the garage if I don’t have room in my room and if I have enough diapers, I don’t need to order more. Cloth is just too smelly for my whole family and I can’t even smell anything or my mom just has a sensitive nose. so if using disposables full time will cost just as much as using cloth utility wise, I will stick with disposable.


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