Sick at work

Today at work I got very bad tummy pain and gas. I had just gotten to work and I was in the restroom cleaning. I thought I was going to shit myself but I didn’t want to do it in my diaper so when it got real bad, I went in the stall and took my diaper off and went. It was all runny. It was like my body did a self laxative. Then I was done going and I put the diaper back on and went back to work. Then in the men’s restroom, the pain comes back and I decide to hold it this time since I was behind. But when I squat down as I clean, I feel some is going to come out so I went on the toilet again and it was all watery stool like I had an enema. Then I stood up when I was done and I felt cramps again so I sat back down and went a little more and it was poop this time. Then I was done again and I taped my diaper back on and went to work again. I was way behind because of the diarrhea. But I caught up because I worked fast and didn’t let myself get sidetracked like I always do. I still got done a half hour early.

I come home and find out my husband had diarrhea last night and I wonder if it was something we ate. He said he was up all night pooping. I only went twice at work. Having diarrhea at work sucks. But I seem to get it so often but it gets absent for months and I think the issue is gone and then it comes back and it’s gone again. I don’t remember having diarrhea this often as a kid.


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